With Cura’s expansion occurring rapidly, there’s never been a better time to hire Director of Talent Acquisition Sara Stowe. She comes to Cura with a background in agency recruiting during the dot com era, as well as experience in the corporate world focusing more on the strategic aspects of recruiting. Over the past five years Sara has focused mostly on company culture and identifying whether a prospective employee will add value to a company’s culture—particularly within the realms of diversity and inclusion.

“We need to make sure as Cura grows, we are keeping a handle on our culture and bring in people who will contribute to that,” explained Sara. “Cura will keep expanding and evolving, but we want to ensure it’s in a healthy way that’s true to what our brand represents. That doesn’t just happen by chance we have to be very intentional.”

Cura has roughly 520 employees across four states and is currently working on getting into other markets, as well as exploring international opportunities. Due to the diversity of the markets Cura is currently serving, and the expected upcoming expansions, maintaining a consistent culture company-wide and building a tight-knit community can be an arduous challenge. Fortunately, Sara brings with her a lot of experience dealing with these challenges.

“There’s a lot of things we can do to make sure we stay connected with our team members,” Sara asserted. “First, the new intranet system is a fantastic resource to tap into. When you have a call with a team member, try jumping on a video call to visually engage with each other even if it’s a group call. And, if teams are divided between states, try to find a way to visit team members in-person when you can.”

Cura has approximately 70 active job listings, which means Sara and her team have a lot on their plates. Cura’s new Employee Referral Program provides every Cura employee an opportunity to help out by referring quality people for suitable positions—and also make some extra money on the side.

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