As a part of our growth plan, we further developed our international expansion team at the end of 2018. Amy McClintick moved from Chief Operating Officer to Chief Expansion Officer and Jenny Diggles joined the team as Vice President of International Expansion.

This dynamic duo is already making quite a name for Cura across the world. We took a few minutes to sit with them so you could get to know them better as they travel across time zones each week.

What are you most excited about when it comes to your role?

MCCLINTICK: The most rewarding piece of my experience growing Cura and the Select brand from inception to now has been working with such incredible people. We’ve created and continue to nurture the most amazing culture. One that is built on passion, integrity, and respect. Growing and supporting the Cannabis industry domestically and globally while instilling Cura’s values is the most exciting challenge. Every day I’m grateful to see this collective group of incredible individuals pioneer something so meaningful.

DIGGLES: I’m excited about the potential of bringing CBD and THC into markets where there is demand and huge opportunities for development. The rest of the world is relatively new when it comes to cannabis, and I’m excited to make some introductions for those who are open to it. I’m eager to deliver products to people that really need it. In order for change to happen, we can’t just focus on normalization the US. I look forward to seeing how it comes together globally because right now I’m seeing a lot of misinformation, and not as much focus on normalization — which is key!

What advice would you give someone who is interested in entering the cannabis industry?

MCCLINTICK: Be patient, have a learner’s mind and embrace the reality that while it’s the hardest you will ever work, it’s the most fun you will ever have.

DIGGLES: I would say, follow your passions and curiosity, do not get disturbed by external forces (regulations, attitudes, etc.), and embrace collaboration. As this industry grows, you really need to find strong partnerships. Understand what you’re good at and then build and grow from there.

As strong women in the cannabis industry, what advice do you have for other women working to become leaders in the cannabis space as well?

MCCLINTICK: While it is important to feel empowered, it is also critical to maintain the awareness that ‘we’ are all in this together, regardless of gender, race or belief. It’s about being a team overall. Remain strong, but always be respectful.

DIGGLES: If you want to be a leader in the industry you want to be a leader of everyone. Make yourself comfortable, be confident, know it is what you do and what you bring to others that makes you a leader. I would also say that you should be sure to find a mentor. Find someone who has achieved something that you find interesting or valuable and develop a relationship. Simply ask if they’d be willing to mentor you, and go from there. Mentorship is huge!

What do you see as the future of Cura?

MCCLINTICK: The future is endless. I see Cura becoming what our mission has always been, to be the leading global provider of cannabis oil to consumers and premium brands. In doing so we will set the highest industry standard while proving our tried and true tagline…Everything is possible!

DIGGLES: The future of Cura is exciting especially as we look at the global perspective. There are so many new and expanding business opportunities and so much to learn as far as efficiencies and regulations go, alongside the cost of production in each state. What won’t change is how people see us on the front end — we’ll always have the best products made by the best people, but on the back end there will be a major transformational change on how the world views cannabis as an industry.

Everything is Possible.