Building and developing a stellar culture focused on excellence has been a core focus for Cura since day one. Whether it be our high standard of testing, quality and consistency of our products, employee offerings, and beyond, we’ve always set the bar high. In that spirit, Director of Talent Acquisition Sara Stowe recently introduced Interview Skills Training—a training series aimed at elevating our hiring practices to continue finding superstar employees to fulfill our mission of being the leading global provider of cannabis oil.

Interviewing candidates–while also continuing to perform as a manager–can be a daunting experience. Interview Skills Training takes away some of that stress by providing guidelines on how to best approach the interview process. The training series includes subjects like unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion, and the alignment of company culture. These trainings will provide our hiring managers with the necessary tools to find candidates who align with Cura’s culture, all the while cultivating a diverse and inclusive employee demographic.

Coming from the tech industry during the startup phase, Sara’s adeptly aware that when filling the ranks of a new industry, focusing on diversity is paramount in shaping how inclusive the industry as a whole will be in the future. With the current excitement about the growth opportunities in the cannabis industry, Cura has the history-making opportunity to be a positive influence on transforming the cannabis industry into a more inclusive and diverse industry.

“We’re in an exciting, new industry that is driving a lot of attention to our open positions” explained Sara. “As we build our brand as an employer, and people decide that Cura is the cannabis company to be a part of, we will see even more applicants. We will be in the rare and fortunate position to have a robust, diverse candidate pool; to decide who gets to be a part of this journey. The Interview Skills training helps us efficiently make those selections and in a dignified manner for all candidates, further strengthening our brand.”

The HR team is rolling out the training to Cura managers on a basis of need. So, the departments and offices that are in dire need of new employees will be slated as a priority. The training has already been conducted in Cura’s offices in Portland, OR; Sacramento, CA; Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ.

“Diversity is so incredibly important,” exclaimed Sara. “We have a diverse customer base, so it’s imperative that we mirror that with our employees.”

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