Hiring and mentoring superstars is a key value here at Cura, so we’re always looking to identify new ways to provide leadership training and support to the team. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on providing our women leaders with the support they need to get ahead in an industry where women are traditionally underrepresented. From our inception, it’s always been important for us to ensure that women at Cura always feel supported, heard and embraced as the leaders they are.

One of the women we admire who is charging ahead on this same mission is 17-year practicing attorney Amy Margolis, founder of The Initiative, which is a women in cannabis business accelerator. In October, The Initiative hosted a three-day retreat called Hustle Hard. We were thrilled to send six women leaders from Cura for the chance to hone in on business and leadership skills alongside many of the most well-known leaders in cannabis. 

Cura Represented at Hustle Hard

The group of employees were a representative sample of women within the company—from newer employees to those who have been around since the beginning, mature women to younger employees, and from as many departments as possible. This provided a wide-ranging experience base to increase potential connections and opportunities with other women at the retreat.

“From the moment we walked up to Brasada Ranch, we realized it was going to be a beautiful experience,” said Formulation Specialist Krystal Gibbs. “The ranch gave us the space we needed to allow ourselves to be ourselves. Then when you meet all these women who are facing the same challenges and overcoming them in their own ways, it then becomes a magical experience.”

Woman Empowerment at Cura

Women-focused events, like Hustle Hard, align with Cura’s values–as supporting women in leadership positions, as well as those in the ranks, has been a priority for the company since day one.

“From the beginning I noticed that every department was led by women or minorities,” said Amber Fidler, Cura’s HR Director who has been with the company since the early days. “Even when this company was only 30 people, there was already an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.“

Attending events that focus on supporting women can be even more meaningful to women employees who are in roles traditionally held by men. Krystal Gibbs started at Cura working at the front desk. She quickly showed passion and dedication to Cura’s mission—and was promoted into her current role of Formulation Specialist. In her position, she is responsible for formulating Cura’s oil, which is a complicated scientific process. 

“Working in the science of cannabis makes me feel fierce,” said Gibbs.  “I’m finally able to show people that I’m a capable woman. I finally have an opportunity to succeed, rather than be set-up for failure. Cura has set me up for success. As a woman, I feel like a badass. As a human, I finally feel respected.”

Everything is Possible.