At the heart of Cura’s journey to the top of the cannabis industry is a humble beginning with the Select brand. Our CEO and President Cameron Forni had a close friend who was suffering from a condition called Barrett’s esophagus. He wanted to help his friend find a clean, smoke-free way to use cannabis. With a small team, Forni started buying and deconstructing every vaporizer he could get his hands on and found that many vape pens were made with silica wicks, while organic cotton wicks were actually more desirable. From there, the Select brand emerged. From cartridges, to wicks, to the oil itself—Forni knew the industry could do better and he was determined to make Select different. 


Only a few years later, Cura is a family of more than 470 people focused in on being the very best in the industry at one thing— making cannabis oil. Now, the formulations that helped Select become the best-selling cannabis brand on the West Coast (CA/OR/WA According to BDS Analytics) have become a leading element of what makes the Cura brand stand out in a busy market. Select’s core vision from the start was to get the purest oil to the most people possible. “That’s why Cura’s White Label arm is so important to our ethos as a company,” said Forni. From clothing to corn to cosmetics every industry has private labels that supply smaller vendors and brands with product to use as their own. This not only helps smaller operations have access to the technology and ingredients that larger companies do, but it ensures that various consumer populations have that access as well.  “This is a really important and positive part of our mission,” says Forni. “We work tirelessly to audit the quality and contents of our oil. Not everyone has the capacity or ability to do that, or the team to back it up.”  Cura’s state-based supply chain ensures that we have access to the largest supply of clean plant material at the lowest average cost in every market we enter. 


Since the program kicked off, we have attracted names like Montel Williams who has partnered with us to create his own line of cannabis and hemp products. “More people having increased access to quality cannabis will always make our industry better, and make the consumer experience better,” says Forni. “Imagine if we guarded that? It doesn’t feel right. Especially not in this industry.” In an emerging market that’s predictably unpredictable, that’s exactly why Cura’s motto is Everything is Possible. “The potential of this industry is truly endless,” says Forni. “It’s Cura’s mission to help people participate in that potential.”

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Everything is Possible.