Cura’s Founder and Creator of Select Oil Cameron Forni, Announces Leadership Changes

May 29th, 2018

Cura’s Founder and Creator of Select Oil Cameron Forni, Announces Leadership Changes

We are announcing Nitin Khanna, who has led Cura as chief executive officer will
step down as CEO today. I will take on an expanded role as President and CEO
of the company and the brand that I created, Select Oil. Also, Amy McClintick,
Senior Vice President of Operations at Cura, will become Cura’s Chief Operating
Officer. Amy is a proven executive who came to Cura with a deep well of
experience in the healthcare and natural products sectors.

Personal allegations against Nitin that arose several years before the company
was founded have become a distraction for the company’s mission. We are
announcing the changes today to continue the incredible work several hundred of
our employees have done to build a company and work environment that we’re
all very proud of. Nitin is stepping down as of today, however, this is a natural
progression due to Nitin’s decision to pass off operational leadership
responsibilities four months ago, and the transition has been in the works for
some time.

Amy will be responsible for workplace culture and is authorized to have complete
authority and decision making to do whatever it takes to ensure Cura remains a
great place to work. We will continue with our efforts to give back to non-profits,
promoting a positive and safe workplace culture, and partnering with businesses
that have a desire to do good things for the cannabis industry. It also means we
will continue to offer many of the programs that we were the first in the industry to
offer such as medical, dental and vision insurance at competitive rates for our
employees. We also offer regular, often monthly bonuses to all employees and
rolling out a soon-to-be announced employee equity program.

We have a proven track record of giving back to non-profits that help women,
families and veterans, and will continue to push forward in that mission even
more aggressively.

I am excited as we embark on writing the next chapter for Cura and the Select
Cameron Forni
CEO and President of Cura

Statement from Amy McClintick, Chief Operating Officer
I’m proud of our products, I’m proud of our people and I’m proud of the inclusive
and positive workplace culture we’ve built. Nitin has fostered an environment that
educates, elevates and promotes leaders to the next level. I’m grateful for the
opportunity to continue leading this incredible company and I’m excited to take
on this new role.
Amy McClintick
COO of Cura

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