At Cura, we value being a part of our communities and sharing our passion about cannabis with our local communities. In that spirit, we recently hosted Greater Portland Inc. (GPI), the region’s economic development partnership at our Global Headquarters office in Portland, Oregon. GPI unites forward-thinking leaders in shaping the economic future of the Portland region while collaboratively driving economic expansion and job growth. Given the rapidly growing cannabis industry– and Cura’s leadership position in the cannabis industry as well as a growing employer in the region – GPI chose to partner with Cura to hold the informative Ambassador Program event.

The GPI ambassador attendees were leaders and business owners in the Portland metro area who were curious about the budding cannabis industry.

“The cannabis industry is emerging quickly and some of our investors had questions about revenues raised, impact in the workplace, medicinal use, regional policies and what to expect from the industry in the future,” said GPI’s VP of Stakeholder Relations Cara Rene. “This was a good opportunity to provide information and insight and get a behind the scenes look at a manufacturing center.”

The event consisted of an informative panel discussion about the ever-changing nature of the cannabis industry, the opportunities that exist and how Cura is taking on all the obstacles currently present within the cannabis space. The panelists included Senior Economist Beau Whitney with New Frontier Data, Oregon Health and Sciences University Assistant Professor Michelle Cameron M.D., and Cura’s General Legal Counsel David Thompson and Vice President of International Expansion Jenny Diggles. After the panel discussion, the attendees were given an eye-opening tour of Cura’s manufacturing facility.

“Our stakeholders loved the program,” exclaimed Cara. “We received a lot of positive feedback on our panelists and their rich expertise as well as how interesting it was to see cannabis oil production. It’s not the kind of experience most people get to have.”

Providing a space and experts to inform the group of Portland leaders, Cura has been positioned as a leader of cannabis business for the region. We value this role and love sharing our passion about cannabis, our ability to employ so many local community members and will continue to look for opportunities to continue both.

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