The cannabis industry, though in its infancy, is one of the fastest growing in the nation. To be at the helm of this monumental economic and cultural shift takes a deep sense of responsibility, a relentless drive towards innovation, an innate sense of curiosity and—of course—a touch of optimism. In 2015, Cura set out to drive the industry into maturity and normalize the use of cannabis. Since then, our pursuit has led us to ingenuity around the people we hire, the potency of our formulations and the diversity of the products we offer. Thanks to working with some of the brightest minds in the industry, we are making cannabis history.


People, potency and purity have been Cura’s guiding light since the beginning—it’s the thread that runs through everything we do and the driving force behind every push for innovation. In June 2018, our technology team, lead by our VP of Innovation, Ken White, developed a system that makes it possible for us to make one million grams of oil per month in each of our facilities, using less than 1,000 square feet of lab space. “Currently, there’s no other company in the world that’s capable of producing at this level of efficiency,” says White. “We’re here to create the purist, most potent product on the market, without compromise or artificial constraints due to the industry we are in.” Cura is a group of people that think everything is possible, through ingenuity and innovation we are setting out to show everyone what this industry is capable of.


Embedded in our company ethos is a demand for more, and better, from an industry with an already bright future. In April of 2017, we began locally producing and selling our products in California. At the time, California didn’t require transparent potency and pesticide testing on cannabis products. We don’t compromise quality for convenience, so we tested all our California products at Oregon standards (and as of October 2018 we are now doing the same in Arizona). Eventually, in 2018, California’s cannabis industry followed suit. “We are creating the largest pesticide-free supply chain in the industry. The key innovation is in our pre-acquisition testing methodology,” explains White. “Our method meticulously audits every bin and bag of plant material we use with a scrutiny that’s much higher than industry regulations require.” The industry standard is to test product at parts per million, Cura tests at parts per billion to ensure there is no pesticides present in the product—a condition that our company is not willing to compromise.  


Behind Cura’s ingenuity—and at the heart of the cannabis industry—is a mission to unlock doors that were previously deemed impossible. “We’re able to supply the largest, cleanest and most consistent set of consumer products for people looking to use cannabis for a variety of medical and recreational uses,” says White. “Providing the best for our customers and employees is our northern star, and continuing to push the boundaries of innovation is the only way to do that. 

So what’s next for the company that’s leading the charge? Cura’s relentless pursuit of innovation won’t be slowing down. “We want to legitimize and normalize the cannabis industry by continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible, and raising the bar for what’s expected,” says White. 

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