This year for Veterans Day, Cura wanted to do something impactful for the Veteran community. While offering a significant discount on online purchases and launching the Select Veteran program was a huge step in the right direction—we felt we could do more. After thoughtful research, it became clear we wanted to donate money to support a Veteran-based nonprofit already combating the challenges Veterans face when trying to access cannabis. That’s when we found HeroGrown.

HeroGrown was officially founded in January 2014 under the name ‘Operation Grow for Vets’ by Roger Martin. Roger served in the military, and then later become a law enforcement officer. After retirement he found himself in a predicament: he was consistently taking sleep aids and pain medications—a self-described drug addict. He claims he found his personal freedom from his addiction by using cannabis. His own experiences motivated him to start a nonprofit providing Veterans with cannabis education and safe access to products.

Roger Martin
Roger Martin

When asked why he does what he does, Roger said, “It’s because approximately 50 Veterans die every day from suicide and prescription drug overdose—and they deserve better. And their families deserve better, because they’re also going through it on the other side. One of the most touching moments I’ve had in this work was when I got a letter from a child thanking me for bringing his dad back—it brings tears to my eyes.”

This year Cura offered HeroGrown a donation of a portion of all online sales—coming out to about $11,000. We couldn’t be more honored to partner with and support an organization that’s making a real impact in the lives of Veterans and their families.

“We couldn’t do what we do without the support of organizations like Cura,” Roger exclaimed. “We’re so grateful for the generosity of your organization and will use the money to serve even more Veterans.”

You can learn more about HeroGrown and Roger Martin’s story by watching the following video.

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