It’s not often that you find yourself at the beginning of an industry, with the opportunity to reshape and legitimize a narrative that has long been misunderstood. At Cura we’ve found ourselves not only at the beginning of an exciting new market—but at the top of it. Our relentless drive towards better has earned us our place as the largest cannabis company in the world and our growth far exceeds anything the industry has ever seen before. With no signs of slowing down, Cura’s team of leaders, innovators and educators can’t be built fast enough.



Cura employees are an active part of history in the making as we lead the way through uncharted territory. In 2015, we broke ground as the first cannabis company ever to provide all full time and part time employees with health insurance coverage. The wellness of our team is closely tied to our success, so we balance the fast paced environment with a workplace that’s inclusive and supportive of who you are and who you want to become. We’re helping to form the building blocks of an industry that we care about deeply and we don’t take that responsibility lightly—but it comes with a unique set of challenges. Employees at Cura need to be passionate about the future of cannabis, ready to rise to the challenge, and flexible in their approach. Every achievement we earn is shared by a team of top talent who arrived here from companies like Nike, Wieden & Kennedy, and Eaze.

We’re excited to continue to build an organization around thought leaders and change-makers, team players and creative geniuses—those with a record of proven talent and a passion for possibility.

Cura’s success is rooted in a key set of shared values that our entire team embodies – and we carry these values with us by way of our mission/vision/values card:

Customer Welfare: Our goal is to build partnerships that last and ensure that our customers have everything they need to succeed.

Candor:Workplace transparency and communication is an essential ingredient needed to adapt and problem solve in this fast-paced industry.

Driving Results: We’re solving problems that have never been solved before, allowing us to consistently achieve results and drive growth across the organization.

A Passion for Potential: If you’re a self-starter, there’s always an opportunity to show your skillset and make magic happen.

Mentorship: Every manager at Cura is encouraged to elevate and delegate projects so that their team is given the opportunity to share the shine.

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